What We Do


A stroke used to be routinely called a cerebral vascular accident (CVA) but it is lately becoming more common and more accurate to refer to the stroke as a Brain Attack.

Rather than confirm the obvious when they arrive in the ER damaged by stroke – we see a better way – to be proactive and recommend that folks get screened first – just like physicians already do now to fight cancer with screenings they recommend.

Colonoscopy, mammography and prostate exams done for cancer screenings are not pleasant of course, but the intended purpose is certainly honorable. Baseline Medical believes that screenings should be the first line of defense for heart disease and stroke risk in the same way and is also honorable indeed. Heart disease kills, and stroke kills and disables more people than all other health crises in our society – combined.

Let us save the ambulance for the unfortunate who simply could not avoid tragedy.

Even though medical professionals may advocate a preferred screening tool of knowing your own risk factors and family history with questionnaires and other paper forms these are worthless when you consider the 6+ million in this country who are adopted. Avoid any guess work and just look at the carotid arteries for just a few minutes. This is all it takes and makes sense and is why we “screen” for disease rather than wring our hands.