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An employee’s life was saved…

I can’t say enough about Baseline Medical and Mr. Brown. Our company has had Baseline Medical at our plant for two years now and we plan on using them again this year.  We have them here for our entire Wellness week the first week of October. Every day during Wellness week,  we have Mr. Brown in a different area of the plant, that way the service is more accessible to the employees. Mr. Brown and his group scan approximately 50 employees per day, some days it was more, for a total of 250-275 employees for the week (total number of hourly employees – 850). Our goal this year is to increase our number of scans!!

The scanning takes about 10-15 minutes with no prior prepping or disrobing, just the neck needs to be exposed. The scan is non-invasive and painless.

Both years Mr. Brown was here we found several employees with disease which prompted them to see their PCP’s and the first year we found one gentleman with Grade 4 stroke risk who ultimately underwent surgery with carotid stent placement – that gentleman’s life was literally saved from a debilitating stroke or even death.

Again, I can’t say enough about the service that Mr. Brown provides and his demeanor and personality make the entire process a great experience for us and the employees. Mr. Brown and his co-workers are pleasant, professional and very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

Feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have.

Gretchen K. Reynolds PA-C Medical Department March 4, 2015

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The test found that one of the two carotid arteries was 99% clogged…

I am very happy I replied to an advertisement for Baseline Medical. If I had not, I would never have known I was at a very high risk for stroke or worse. The carotid artery test I was given found that one of the two carotid arteries that supplies blood to my brain was 99% clogged.

That finding was a total surprise.

I wisely opted for surgery to clean out the artery. If I had not taken the test I would never have known of this serious medical condition.

The only disappointment to the surgery I had was that now the artery is cleaned out and the proper flow of blood is reaching my brain, I’m no smarter. But it is a small price to pay for having missed the probability of having my life dramatically altered.

The test is not time consuming, is inexpensive, and is pain free, so you have no excuse not to take it.

Mark Easton, PA March 4, 2015

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If you have concerns about heart disease and stroke, get screened…

I have become familiar with Baseline Medical through Dave Brown who uses his skill performing vascular ultrasound on my patients. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, these painless and accurate screenings his company provides. Physicians want all of their patients to be healthy. If you have concerns about Heart disease – the #1 killer and Stroke – the #3 killer, get screened.
Baseline Medical will give you the results immediately, and if you request, will send your physician a written report.

Joanne Steward, MD Allentown, PA March 4, 2015

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I made the right decision…

Given the risk factors that run in my family I wanted to have peace of mind knowing that the circulation in my own neck was alright. I truly understand how a stroke can impact seemingly healthy people. The comfort level that I experienced while I was having this brief scan confirmed that I made the right decision to be checked. You have a real sense of confidence in the data being gathered when you realize the examiner knows exactly what to look for. I would highly recommend Baseline Medical when getting answers are important to you.

David H. Doylestown, PA March 4, 2015

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Vital to good health…

I know Dave Brown personally and have seen the quality of work he produces using vascular ultrasound. 

Based on that I would recommend a stroke screening by Baseline Medical for you or your loved ones if there is a concern about unknown risk for heart disease or stroke. 

In just a matter of a few minutes this painless, accurate test will reveal the status of the vessel structure and blood flow in your neck which is vital to good health.

Eric T. Cochran, DO Allentown, PA March 4, 2015

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I had no idea how easy it would be…

I had no idea how easy the stroke screening was going to be. I could have breakfast, take my pills and even stay dressed. Tissues were tucked around my open collar and clear gel was placed on my neck. I could see the beautiful color pictures on the monitor and I could hear my heart beat at the same time. I was done in no time and had my results before I left the room. What great service! They were wonderful to me. So easy. You will love Baseline Medical just like I do.

Elaine K. Bethlehem, PA March 4, 2015

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We have peace of mind now…

My parents received a mailing for one of those mobile out-of-town stroke screenings. It was to be held at a local church. Working as the Administrator of a busy vascular surgery practice, I am familiar with a wide variety of services available to patients today. I know the owner of Baseline Medical. He is in our area all the time, not available only when they roll into town. Because I know his reputation and attention to high quality, I did not hesitate to recommend Baseline Medical to my parents. My confidence was validated when the screening was completed.

In the span of just a few minutes, my mother was identified as one needing immediate attention for a blockage in her neck arteries.

Mom is doing fine now and Dad’s screening was OK.

 The Baseline Medical screening process is totally pain free and accurate. Mom, and the rest of my family, have been spared the devastation that comes with an unforeseen stroke. We have peace of mind now. What price do you put on that?

Andrea R. Nazareth, PA March 4, 2015