Screening Benefits

10 Minute Tests Reveal Heart Attack or Stroke Risk

There is an important test that Baseline Medical provides called carotid artery IMT (intimal media thickness) ultrasound scanning. This FDA approved five-minute painless test gives us information that can help prevent a heart attack. Hundreds of digital measurements are taken as the sonographer gently slides the ultrasound probe over each side of your neck.

We can see precisely how thick the artery walls are and it is this measurement that determines your risk of a heart attack. These data serve as your personal biomarker for your body to develop thick arterial walls. Since the area in your neck is easily accessible it serves as a window to reveal your systemic condition. If you have thickness in the carotid arteries you could also have thickness elsewhere. Should the “elsewhere” be in your coronary arteries that deliver blood flow to the heart muscle itself is why this screening opportunity is beyond good. No need to wait for chest pain or a doctor’s note or the ambulance – just call us instead.

Other measurements in the carotid arteries are also obtained by Baseline Medical in another 5 minute protocol specifically for stroke risk. So for a total investment of 10 minutes – you know. This allows people to be proactive about their health and come against heart disease #1 Killer and stroke #1 Disabler immediately.

Remember – it is painless – accurate – and non-invasive. You need not prep or disrobe. In fact – one cool, rainy day some ladies never removed their raincoats ! It is that easy.