Health Fairs

Onsite Healthcare Screening Events

Baseline Medical enjoys bringing hospital quality state-of-the-art vascular ultrasound into the workplace and health care office. Working with business owners, medical providers and human resources, employees and patients have an opportunity to participate in proactive measures for their health. Employers see the merit in protecting their staff and professionals protecting their patients by having an event onsite for heart disease and stroke risk instead of enduring heart attacks and these “brain drains”. Heart disease is the #1 killer and stroke is the #1 disabler and the reason why employees may never return to work. Baseline Medical screenings send a powerful message to help employers and medical professionals avoid catastrophic loss with staff and patients.

Screening events administered by Baseline Medical have an advantage over the other testing companies because results are provided in just 10 minutes to each participant. Waiting a few weeks or even a few days for results could be too long. Baseline Medical has physicians and surgeons on the Medical Advisory Board as well as educators and authors who are expert resources for referral and consult. They support the advance warning that screenings provide. Currently many folks first learn about their own risk with symptoms in their car or the rear of an ambulance – not the best place to find out.

Published medical literature also explains the correlation of plaque on the teeth and plaque on the vessel wall as a process coming from the same aggressive bacteria. Dentists have hosted Baseline Medical events routinely in the comfort of their dental suite. Patients with periodontal disease indicate that cardiovascular disease may also be present and this needs to be followed. Quick results make clinical decisions and cardiology referrals easy since access to accurate findings is readily available onsite.

Each screening event is customized to the requirements of the host and to the size of the venue. Credentialed professionals skilled in vascular ultrasound have administrative support staff with them to efficiently process the desired panels selected by the host company whether it is a small local shop or a global corporation.

Results from Baseline Medical ensure that data obtained offer the best way to avoid a possible heart attack or stroke so the business can stay productive and staff stays well.

Don’t wait to have a troubling symptom or to have a staff member become incapacitated because of unknown heart disease or sudden stroke. Just as bonuses and raises are good – hosting a health fair gives rewards that are priceless. Just ask those we find in time that have avoided a life of disability or even worse. Call us – we can help for sure.

Be smart – get your office staff screened now.