Employee Wellness

Early detection means a healthier workforce, and a reduction in both healthcare claims and in gross revenue from lost productivity.

Heart disease kills the most and strokes disable the most.

Many heart attacks and strokes are sudden and come without any warning. And when they do many people are in denial and attribute symptoms to something else and never seek medical attention – which can be a problem for everyone.

Employers have come to appreciate what Baseline Medical provides with that early warning which can be detected in a screening event. The results are HIPAA compliant for the individual being screened to ensure privacy so that they will feel secure in taking advantage of the benefits seen in the employee wellness opportunity.

These events routinely identify the risks and are truly worth the investment you make in your team.

Company Benefits for Hosting an Event

  1. Improved team morale – employee feels valued by employer
  2. Maintain or improve job productivity – things get done when healthy employees show up
  3. Reverse negative impact of:
    1. Absenteeism – repeatedly misses work due to illness
    2. Presenteeism – repeatedly coming to work while sick
  4. Added incentive to employee benefits package – internal rewards for being compliant and proactive with wellness and health
  5. Negotiate reduced insurance premiums – reduced claims by the subscriber means lower cost for the carrier
  6. Educate employees with healthy options – being at work confirms event wellness program success
  7. Reduce healthcare costs – being healthy reduces costly medical procedures
  8. Create community goodwill promoting a caring attitude
  9. Be known as the good place to work

How a Corporate Event Works

The Host Company –

  • selects from a list of screening panels to determine length of each session
    • heart disease
    • stroke risk
    • high blood pressure
    • biometrics
    • and others
    • panels selected projects the length of each employee appointment
  • asks employees to sign up to indicate projected interest of planned event
    • number signed up will help determine how much time is required
    • events can be a few hours or several days
  • provides an employee headcount for optimal planning of resources needed
    • equipment and staff needed for each panel selected makes for a smooth roll out when employees report to the wellness event

Baseline Medical confirms the total employees processed when the event is completed.

How an Executive Concierge Event Works

For Company Owners and Executives –

  • similar requirements as in the hosted events for the entire staff
    • select panels desired to secure resources needed
    • provide management team headcount
  • privately administered in a central location
    • on your campus in a designated area like a boardroom perhaps
    • a private room at the Baseline Medical office
  • convenient access to obtain necessary clinical data
    • our professional staff comes discretely to you
    • due to your busy schedule is difficult to find time for one more appointment
    • timely access if seeing your physician is growing more difficult
    • updated findings available for your physician if needed
  • can serve as a corporate pilot program
    • offer event to upper management first and preview and assess process
    • recommend to your colleagues in leadership for their wellness interests

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