Carotid Artery Screenings Help People Avoid Strokes


Dave Brown, BA MS RVT is President and CEO of Baseline Medical with offices in Allentown, PA and Quakertown, PA. As a vascular physiologist credentialed in vascular technology Dave utilizes portable state-of-the-art imaging platforms to produce sophisticated ultrasound images on the carotid arteries.

The internal (ICA) and external (ECA) carotid arteries on each side of the neck deliver vital flow to the brain and face respectively. When ICA flow is compromised it accounts for over 80% of all strokes in the US population. We image this area in the neck very accurately all the time.

Carotid artery screenings to prevent heart disease and stroke is a painless non-invasive vascular ultrasound that takes less than 10 minutes. It is an exceptionally easy encounter that does not require any fasting or disrobing. People simply sit down and view the screen along with the examiner and easily see how clinically expedient data is obtained.

Who wants to wait until they have a stroke – which for many is a point of ‘no return’ – to be seen by a physician? Nearly 100,000 strokes occur ‘out of the blue’ when people have no symptoms at all. One moment you’re fine the next you are in for the fight of your life – at the hospital where you get ‘care’. Tragically, physicians order a carotid ultrasound only when one has a symptom or ‘reason of medical necessity’. Requiring people to wait until they have symptoms is what is risky – not the screening.

Stroke is completely rude and does not care who you are – that is why Baseline Medical is available to provide data to your physician. Screenings only prompt another non-invasive and safe ultrasound study to correlate findings. Good physicians also understand the focus and integrity of screenings for cancer. Yet many know that these screenings only reveal that disease is present and do not actually prevent it. However – the converse is true when applied to stroke screenings. To say it another way:

Baseline Medical was formed from a need to identify individuals at risk before the ambulance does.

With over 30 years experience Dave finds great satisfaction to bring this advance warning capability into the workplace to educate employees and help promote individual health and corporate wellness.

The leading reason Americans miss work and enter nursing homes is due to the onset of stroke. Having health fairs at work help employers protect the investment they have made in the talents and skills of their employees. Quickly referring employees to their physician with findings obtained in an organized event in the workplace is one of the most meaningful moments for the employee and the examiner.

Encounters like these screenings for heart disease and stroke risk need to happen more in our society.


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